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Gina Fuschetto

Content Creator & Mentor

The majority of my decade and a half in photography, design & digital content, has been making the most of what I've got.

In my career I've spent a significant amount of time working alongside entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits, that often come with the challenge of little resources & low budgets. Determined to bring high quality work to these passionate and driven companies and individuals, I learned how to create first-rate content, without the need for big production teams, and expensive technology. 

Luckily, as the digital world has evolved, the ability to produce high quality content has only become more attainable. However, with that evolution in accessibility, has also come a greater demand to produce. In the modern marketing world, digital content has become king, and the options are endless. And while you would think this has made it easier to support your own marketing needs, the overwhelm of where to begin, and keeping up with demand for consistency, means people often fail to start.

I created this offering as an answer to the call I hear time and time again from people and businesses with the desire to share, yet feel defeated by the chaos of the digital marketing landscape. 

I'm here to teach you that you don't have to be stifled by digital overwhelm, intimidated by ever-evolving platforms, or stuck on the question "where do I begin?". I'll show you, not only how to keep up, but guide you to create stand-out, original content, that supports your great ideas, and powerful mission.

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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a dayteach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"


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I'll help you simplify your content creation efforts, and teach you how to confidently market yourself, by guiding you through a clear and effective 3-step process.

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The key to making content that's worth the effort, is to develop a simplified planning process. Before you even pick up your phone or camera, or open your computer to manifest your content magic, you need to get the ideas out and organized in a way that empowers you to move forward.

In this first step I will teach your how to create a content plan that prioritizes storytelling, factors in your individual working habits, includes current digital trends, considers what makes the most sense throughout each month of the calendar year, and understands your audience's wants and needs.

Believe it or not, producing your content doesn't have to be exhaustive or overwhelming. Making content creation fun is all about simplicity. With a few affordable tools, a hand-full of my capturing tips and tricks, and a clearly defined, repeatable process, you'll realize how easy it is to create content that you can be proud of.

During this personalized mentorship, we'll start by working with what you have on hand, and depending on your budget and bandwidth incorporate a few free, or affordable tools that bring ease and efficiency to your production process.


Despite how the social media landscape might make you feel, you don't have to be everywhere and do everything. Not all platforms are created equal, and not all social media outlets are going to work for you. 

It's not necessary to waste your time marketing yourself in spaces that don't resonate with your idea or mission. This mentorship is meant to save you time and stress by helping you determine where you don't need to be, so you can focus your energy on where you do. 

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... want to utilize digital marketing tools, but don't know where to begin.

... don't have the budget to hire someone to do it for them, but don't want to miss out on marketing opportunities.

... are already using digital marketing tools, but want to elevate their game, and bring more efficiency to their process. 

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Gain skill to design social content in the palm of your hand.

Develop start to finish creator skills & content templates.

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Now enrolling for

Spring 2024 Mentorships.

I'm currently interviewing for mentorships beginning April 2024. Each program is custom built & priced to suit your personal marketing needs. Applicants can range from individual entrepreneurs to business looking to expand the capabilities of their in-house team. Fill out the application form below to book a free discovery call and learn if this mentorship experience is the right fit for you. 

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