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I blend my background as a professional psychic, with over a decade in the creative industry, to bring an intuitive, soul-lead approach to my work.

My mission is rooted in service of others. Whether I'm tapping into my creative cauldron for entrepreneurs & businesses, or sharing spiritual tools & perspective, I'm driven to help humans realize & reach their deepest potential, and pave their most expansive path.

My methods are not one-size-fits-all. I believe in the uniqueness of people, and that identities and ideas aren't meant to be shoved into a boxes. So in the same way I've given myself permission to be multidimensional, I'm dedicated to holding that space for others too.

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Brand design & digital content, channeled at the intersection of intuition & innovation.

Gain inner clarity & awaken spiritually when you tap into the portal of the psychic imagination.

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