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Light and Shadow
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I blend my background as a professional psychic, with over a decade in the creative industry, to bring a colorful, spirit-lead approach to my work.

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brand designer,

spiritual seeker

creative mentor,

meditation guide,

& psychic seer

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hi, i'm gina.

A multi-passionate creator, mentor, seeker & seer with a unique background that bridges creativity & spiritual expansion.

At the highest level, my mission is rooted in service. Whether I'm tapping into my creative cauldron for entrepreneurs & businesses, or sharing spiritual tools & perspective, I'm driven to help humans realize & reach their deepest potential, and pave their most expansive path.

My methods are not one-size-fits-all. I believe in the uniqueness of people, and that identities and ideas aren't meant to be shoved into a boxes. So in the same way I've given myself permission to be multidimensional, I'm dedicated to holding that space for others.

I'm an east coast girl, with a global mindset. And though I dream big, and yearn to travel far and wide, I've discovered most of my fulfillment has come from the embracing of the people in my community and at home, and taking direction from the heart. 

Light and Shadow
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Choose your own 


Explore my eclectic offerings, and discover the creative, professional, and spiritual ways I can support you in unfolding your path & purpose.

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D.I.Y. Content

Creator Mentorship

Learn how to create & manage your own content, and together we craft a production template that brings more ease & fun to the content creation experience.

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Activate Your Psychic Sight & Senses

Tap into your inner sight & God-given psychic senses in this self-paced, psychic activation series.


Photo, Video & Brand Design Services

I work with you to creatively channel, top level creative content that brings life your ideas & products.


Book  a 1-on-1

Energy Reading

As a professionally trained psychic, I tune into your unique energetic frequency, and channel visions and insights chock full of expansive spiritual guidance.

Sitting Meditation

Journey Through Guided Meditations

A psychic meditation library guiding you towards healing, spiritual connection, and deeper discovery of your soul's path & purpose.




I'm based in the New York area, but open to global opportunities. To connect with me, email ginafuschetto(at) or complete the contact form.

Looking forward to connecting!

I'll be in touch shortly.

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